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Huge leak of Intel from German Chamber of Commerce,

Anonymous hackers have released a huge dump of files from the German Chamber of Commerce ( in the last week or so. The files come from and is in the format of a parted compressed rar file that is being shared via torrents. The leaked data so far comes with a short message in the description which can be found below. The message also comes with a link to a imgur gallery that has a preview of the files and content that is inside this leak. The message also claims that AHK is gathering Intel on many of the company’s across the world that it does business with and a lot of the documents and information they have they are not meant to.

via cyberwarnews: Huge leak of Intel from German Chamber of Commerce,

Hacker Operations (OPS) of 2012

In 2012 we seen a huge up rise in operations of all kinds against many different targets, here is a simple break down of what operations were carried out in the year of 2012 by hacktivist from all around the internetz. Not all operations have been successful with more on the failing side then the success side and many operations seems to of been created or thought up by people who are not willing to stand behind them and keep them going.

via cyberwarnews: Hacker Operations (OPS) of 2012

kleine Weihnachtsgeschenke von #opblitzkrieg ….

#fucknazifriday kann auch Sonntags sein…. und so freun wir uns, per Twitter zu sehen, dass kategoriec.d*,* und Schmidtkes* DEFACED wurden. :-D

#OpBlitzkrieg – friday on mind again…

ANSGAR-ARYAN.CH & ANSGAR-ARYANs webmaster FUCKED&DEFACED since 2,5h by #opblitzkrieg mirror #opblitzkrieg

Lookin for OpBlitzkrieg / FuckNaziFriday mirror? See – 688 MB of data…..

Anonymous attacks top European security organization – twice

For the second time in a week, Anonymous has raided the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)—the world’s largest intergovernmental security organization—and released 260 megs of documents, many classified or restricted, on its own Par:AnoIA leak site. The first attack and leak was timed to come out on November 5th, to capitalize on Anonymous’ most important day of the year. The leak includes election-monitoring guidelines and briefing books for the Ukraine, Bosnia and the U.S., and a list of so-called Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) designed to maximize the faith placed in OSCE by potentially volatile countries. The OSCE refused even to acknowledge that the breach had occurred, and apparently failed to adequately secure itself. When Jeffrey Carr of the Digital Dao security blogasked for a comment on confidence in light of the hack and leak, he was told that no comment would be forthcoming. The second attack occurred Sunday. It contained an updated list of CBMs, complete to November 11th, as well as other documents relating to security, such as police training manuals and anti-hacking measures. So much for confidence. A well-placed source in Anonymous confirmed to the Daily Dot that Anonymous was the source of the leaks, and further that they were motivated by outrage at the OSCE’s approval of the Ukrainian election results despite widespread reports of post-poll fraud. The second attack, it seems, was more of the same, with a large helping “teaching you a lesson in security.” It was made easier by the OSCE’s apparent failure to take effective measures to block the original method of hacking. In his announcement on Par:AnoIA, the hacker hinted that the OSCE was deliberately failing to provide effective protection or oversight because it had been co-opted by the Russian Mafia.

via Anonymous attacks top European security organization – twice

siehe auch: OSCE Breached; Internal Documents Posted by Anonymous. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe decided in 2011 to take on cyber security as one of its missions. The reality of threats in cyber space for the OSCE has become even more real now that their internal network has been breached in early November, 2012 by an unknown person or persons and the stolen files uploaded to There has been no public acknowledgment from the OSCE that they have even had a breach. Frane Maroevic, Deputy Head of Press and Information for the OSCE told me in an email that “We condemn any illegal publication of confidential documents and will not comment on any such material.”

time to revolution

A more "free" Anonymous poster.

 : #Greek government , We Are #Anonymous #ExpectUs #OpGreece #7ngr #Syntagma

ElfoDeLulz: ¡¡¡¡¡TANGO DOWN!!!!!! #OpGreece #7ngr #Syntagma We Are Legion!!

#opblitzkrieg #fucknazifriday – friday on my mind……

OpBlitzkrieg: und DOWN #opblitzkrieg  DOWN |  FUCKED


Pastebin puts Anonymous spat behind it

Pastebin trending pastes Many of Pastebin’s most read posts are created by or related to Anonymous despite earlier tension. Pastebin – a site where users can post text-based files for others to see – appears to have put a backlash from users behind it. It had proved popular with Anonymous hacktivists, but many turned against it when its owner said he was considering removing “sensitive information”. The hackers even created a rival service. Despite this, Pastebin said it had managed to achieve a new “milestone” of 25 million active “pastes”. “All those pastes together contain more than 1250 gigabytes of raw data,” owner Jeroen Vader told the BBC. “The last two years have been extremely hard work, but it seems to be paying off. “On 27 October 2011 we reached the 10 million active pastes milestone; less than a year later on 4 July 2012 that doubled to 20 million, and now just over three months later we are celebrating 25 million pastes.” Anonymous anger Pastebin became a popular tool for Anonymous since it allows posts by unnamed users to run up to 0.5 megabytes in size. Members of the collective would often post a short Twitter message after a successful hack attack, providing a link to a Pastebin post which in turn contained details of the data they had copied from the target’s computer servers. These sometimes contained names, telephone numbers and addresses of people related to the organisations they had attacked. As a consequence Mr Vader told the BBC earlier this year: “I am looking to hire some extra people soon to monitor more of the website’s content, not just the items that are reported. Hopefully this will increase the speed in which we can remove sensitive information.” The news prompted some members of Anonymous to issue a press release, saying: “Pastebin has been in the news lately for making some rather shady claims as to what they are willing to censor, and when they are willing to give up IP addresses to the authorities.” It said a sub-group calling itself the Peoples Liberation Front [sic] had set up an alternative service called AnonPaste

via bbc: Pastebin puts Anonymous spat behind it

#opblitzkrieg #fucknazifriday – neonazis, lost in cyberspace

Good morning, world! Announcing the loss / hack of a bunch of neonazi asshole websites today – fightback24 (German), Kategorie C / Hungrige Wölfe,,, …

see defacement of fightback24 here:

see also, (DB Hungrige Wölfe / Kategorie C),

And still offline: Altermedia Deutschland. But they managed it without any assistance to get lost in cyberspace – well, from us to you: follow your leader ;-)

dossier OpBlitzkrieg: alles zum Fuck-Nazi-Friday: .
#nazileaks, #optakedown, #aktionreinhard, #opblitzkrieg, #opantifaleaks

Anonymous hacking group target police web forum

An internet forum used by police to exchange information and discuss policing issues has been “compromised” by hackers from the group Anonymous. Scotland Yard said the group obtained the private email addresses of a number of serving and retired officers. The Metropolitan Police’s e-Crime unit is now assessing the scale of the problem. It said no computer system run by the police force had been hacked. Anonymous is a collective of hackers, also known as a hacktivist group. One former officer whose details were obtained by Anonymous was sent an email with the subject line: “A message to the police and armed forces”. The message began: “Hello members of our UK police and armed forces” and called for recipients to “stand with us, not against us”.

via bbc: Anonymous hacking group target police web forum

Anonymous Hackers Target Greek Neo-Nazi Group

Members of Anonymous recently took down the Web site for the New York office of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party, and urged followers to flood the organization’s phone lines. “The Twitter account, @YourAnonNews, often used to make announcements for the hacker collective, first publicly posted the phone number connected to the fascist group’s Queens-based office and invited followers to ‘give them a warm welcome to the neighborhood,'” writes’s Natasha Lennard. “A follow up tweet asserted, in characteristically playful parlance, that the hackers had disabled Golden Dawn’s New York chapter website.” “GOLDEN DAWN NOT ONLY IS YOUR PHONE LINES TANGO DOWN, BUT UR WEBHOST R BELONG TO US,” the second tweet stated. “The members of the Golden Dawn political party have been linked on numerous occasions to crimes against ethnic minorities and immigrants, this most likely being one of the reasons for which Anonymous didn’t welcome their presence in New York,” notes Softpedia’s Eduard Kovacs.

via esecuritypanet: Anonymous Hackers Target Greek Neo-Nazi Group

FBI bestreitet iPhone-Datenklau

Hacker haben eine Million eindeutige Kennungen von iPhones und iPads ins Netz gestellt und geben sogar an, an weitere elf Millionen Datensätze gelangt zu sein – angeblich stammen sie von einem FBI-Rechner. Die US-Bundespolizei dementiert das. Kommt nicht von uns: Das FBI weist den Verdacht zurück, Hacker hätten von einem Dienstrechner der US-Bundespolizei eine Datenbank mit sensiblen Informationen kopieren können. Die Hacker-Gruppe AntiSec will an zwölf Millionen Datensätze mit eindeutigen Gerätekennungen von iPhones und iPads gelangt sein. In einer Mitteilung des FBI heißt es, es gebe zu diesem Zeitpunkt keine Hinweise darauf, dass ein Laptop kompromittiert wurde. Außerdem habe man die fraglichen Daten gar nicht und habe sich auch nicht um solche Daten bemüht. Die Hacker stellten zum Beweis ihres Beutezugs eine Datei mit 1.000.001 Datensätzen ins Netz. In der rund 130 MB großen Textdatei befinden sich jeweils zwei Codes und der Name des Geräts, zum Beispiel “Ryan’s iPad”. Bei den Nummern handelt es sich um die eindeutige Gerätekennung, die Unique Device Identifier (UDID) nennt, sowie einen Code für Push-Benachrichtigungen. AntiSec behauptet, einige der Datensätze hätten außerdem Namen, Adressen und Telefonnummern enthalten, diese habe man vor der Veröffentlichung aber entfernt. Insgesamt wollen die Hacker 12.367.232 solcher Datensätze haben, angeblich kopiert im März von einem FBI-Rechner. Die Hacker behaupten sogar, den Rechnertyp zu kennen – ein Dell Vostro Notebook – und den Namen des FBI-Agenten und dessen Einheit.

via spon: FBI bestreitet iPhone-Datenklau

Anti-Putin Hackers Seize Moscow Court’s Web Site, Posting Calls to ‘Free Pussy Riot’

Hackers briefly seized control Monday of the Web site of the Moscow district court that sentenced three members of the feminist protest band Pussy Riot to two years in a penal colony last week. For three hours on Tuesday morning, Khamovnichesky Court’s usually static Web site was enlivened with a recording of the new Pussy Riot song, “Putin Is Lighting the Fires of Revolution,” and an embedded copy of a music video for a song called “Hate,” by the Bulgarian gay icon Azis. The video was described as “a rather sleazy and erotic gay clip,” by the Russian news site Gazeta. A headline across the top of the site read, “Putin’s Thieving Gang Is Robbing Our Country! Wake Up, Comrades!” (…) The hackers were apparently encouraged to attack the site early on Tuesday by an anonymous user of the Web forum 2ch — the Russian equivalent of the message board 4chan. At 6:17 a.m., a message was posted on the board with the login and password information needed to access the Web site’s back end, along with a username and password that granted access to the court’s e-mail inbox. Within minutes, gleeful 2ch users began posting screenshots of their progress in defacing the hacked Web site and discussing what video might be the most (in)appropriate to display. Soon, a Twitter account linked to the Russian arm of Anonymous posted a link to archived copies of messages apparently taken from one of the court’s e-mail inboxes. An analysis of the archive by the Moscow bureau of The New York Times shows that the vast majority of the 487 messages were e-mails sent to the court from users of the Web site Last week the site promised to deliver a “Free Pussy Riot!” petition signed by more than 136,000 people to the court and to officials including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

via nytimes: Anti-Putin Hackers Seize Moscow Court’s Web Site, Posting Calls to ‘Free Pussy Riot’

Unterstützer von Pussy Riot legen Gerichtswebsite lahm. Moskau Hacker haben nach dem Urteil gegen Pussy Riot die Homepage des Gerichts lahmgelegt. Mehrere Stunden lang war die Internetseite des Gerichts nicht mehr erreichbar. Stattdessen wurde ein neues Video der Band angezeigt. Das Gericht hatte drei Musikerinnen der Kunst-Protestband zu zwei Jahren Lagerhaft verurteilt. Unterstützer der russischen Frauenpunkband Pussy Riot haben vorübergehend die Website des Gerichts lahmgelegt, das drei der Musikerinnen zu jeweils zwei Jahren Lagerhaft verurteilt hatte. Eine Gerichtssprecherin bestätigte den Cyberangriff vom Dienstag, der “einige Stunden” gedauert habe. Die Hacker platzierten dabei auf der Website unter anderem ein Video des schwulen bulgarischen Sänger Asis und ein neues Lied der Punkband namens “Putin lights up the fires” – (Präsident Wladimir) “Putin zündet die Feuer an”; Pussy Riot court website up after hack attack. The website of a Moscow court that sentenced three members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot has suffered a hack attack. The site of the Khamovnichesky District Court was defaced with anti-Vladimir Putin slogans and a video uploaded. Three women were jailed on Friday for staging an anti-Putin protest in a Moscow cathedral in February.


DeutschlandEcho „und sie sagten leise tschüss

Aktuelle Sondermeldung zur Entwicklung bei des rechtsextremen Hetzportals DeutschlandEcho:DE scheint abgeschaltet: Sowohl die Web-Präsenz als auch die Facebook Präsentation sind nicht erreichbar! Näheres in diesem Kurzartikel. Nach zahlreichen Attacken von OpBlitzkrieg auf DeutschlandEcho, einem Krieg der Klone gegen die Seite, des Rücktritts eines Teiles der Redaktion, unter anderem des Machers „organisator“, der Veröffentlichung eines geheimen DE-Redakteurs mit Namen sowie des Aufzeigens der begangenen Urheberrechtsverletzung durch Bilderklau scheint das Schicksal der Seite besiegelt zu sein. Bei Aufruf des Portals bleibt seit Samstag Abend alles weiß. Anders als bei vorherigen tagelangen Aussetzern bei DE durch die Unfähigkeit der dortigen Techniker ist diesmal auch die Facebook Seite des rechtsextremen Propaganda Organs betroffen. Berichteten sie bei früheren Vorfällen dort über die Weiterentwicklung, so ist die Seite mittlerweile verschwunden, regelrecht inexistent. Lediglich auf twitter ist noch erkennbar, dass es das Portal bis 16. Juli gegeben haben zu scheint.

via indymedia: DeutschlandEcho „und sie sagten leise tschüss


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