Suspected war criminal Sandor Képiró to face trial

Nazi-hunting Wiesenthal Centre’s ‘most-wanted’ faces trial for role in Second World War atrocity. Former Hungarian gendarmerie officer Sándor Képíró has been indicted for alleged war crimes committed almost 70 years ago, the Budapest prosecutor’s office announced last Monday. Képíró, who turned 97 last Friday, has been top of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center’s most-wanted list since 2006. The charges relate to events in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina in January 1942 that became known as the Novi Sad massacre. Hundreds of civilians were forced to walk onto the frozen Danube river, where they were either shot or allowed to fall through the ice. Hungarian estimates suggest that over 3,000 mostly Serbian and Jewish victims were killed during six days of reprisals against the activity of Yugoslav partisans.
Hungary was allied to Nazi Germany and the axis powers during the Second World War, and Képíró was a captain in the Hungarian gendarmerie.

via Suspected war criminal Sandor Képiró to face trial

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