Nazi Hacks and Counter-Attacks: Cyberwar and the Fight for Human Rights

Cyberwar is nothing new: all major countries, and much lesser ones, are now deeply involved.[1] From the USA and Israel to China, Iran and Russia, and Palestine from India to Pakistan, countries around the world are fighting to bring down opposition websites, penetrate discussion groups, obtain confidential information and destabilize opponents all in the name of freedom and self-defense.
But there is a growing cyberwar that has been largely ignored and that is the war between Nazis on the one side,and human rights, anti-racist and anti-Nazis on the other. What the mainstream media has focused on, however, is the sensational leaks of information obtained from Nazi websites, forums and online stores by a group known as Anonymous. [3] The Nazi-leaks involved hundreds of names and addresses and thousands of private emails and pictures of members and contacts of a wide range of Nazi organizations throughout Europe and North America as part of an on-going attempt to destabilize Nazi groups and sympathizers.
But away from public attention, the cyber between the Nazis and anti-Nazis war was not unrecognized and, therefore, not reported. Not even the immediate counter-attack by the Nazis on, was mentioned even though Nazi hackers temporarily brought it down.
To provide context and to understand the cyberwar between Nazis and anti-Nazis, I will briefly examine (1) the importance of Operation Blitzkrieg and the use of web technologies and social media as tools for human rights, (2) some the mechanics of the Nazi attacks on human rights websites, and (3) the latest response in the cyber war between Nazis and anti-Nazis.

via Nazi Hacks and Counter-Attacks: Cyberwar and the Fight for Human Rights

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