Neuwahl sorgt für Machtwechsel in der Slowakei

Die Slowakei wird künftig wieder von einer proeuropäischen Regierung geführt. Nachdem die Mitte-Rechts-Koalition im Streit über die Euro-Rettung auseinandergebrochen war, siegten nun die Sozialdemokraten – und zwar deutlich mit einer absoluten Mehrheit der Sitze.

via morgenpost: Neuwahl sorgt für Machtwechsel in der Slowakei

siehe auch: Slovak opposition wins landslide election. Social Democrats rout the governing centre-right coalition by winning 60 of the 150 seats in parliament.The leftist opposition party in Slovakia has won a landslide victory in the parliamentary elections. With the results coming in on Sunday, votes from 5,811 of the 5,956 polling stations counted by the Statistics Office has the Smer-Social Democracy Party of Robert Fico, former prime minister, as the clear winner with 44.8 per cent of the vote, or 84 seats in the 150-seat Parliament. The result allows Fico, a pro-European, 47-year-old lawyer, to govern alone, as initially the exit-polls suggested Fico would need to govern in a coalition. Fico, a populist leader, pledged to maintain a welfare state, increase corporate tax and hike income tax for the highest earners. The outgoing centre-right, four-party coalition just combined 50 seats as it faced voter anger over a major corruption scandal, while the new Ordinary People party won 16 seats.

A triumphant Fico, however, has said he was ready to take on a coalition partner if any of the other parties were ready to support his agenda.

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