Brazil and Peru: Number of Gay People Killed in 2011 Revealed

In 2011 alone, 266 homosexuals were murdered in Brazil, the Grupo Gay da Bahia revealed yesterday in occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO). The group had based its study on press reports published by Brazilian media throughout the whole year. The federal government and most states in Brazil, however, do not record official statistics for this kind of crimes. The Brazilian hotline Dique Derechos Humanos receives every day an average of 3.4 reports of cases of gender-related violence. Reported cases include episodes of physical, sexual, psychological and institutional abuse. After a report has been made, cases are brought to the attention of police and local governments. Yesterday, Peruvian LGBT communities also revealed the number of gay people murdered in the country. Fourteen homosexuals (10 gays and four transsexuals) have been killed in 2011, four less than 2010. Figures were compiled by the Peruvian LGBT Network and the NGO Promsex. Promsex director and secretary of the International Gay and Lesbian Community of Latin America and the Caribbean, George Liendo, pointed the attention to the lack of an official record of killings of homosexuals, like records for femicide.

via argentiniaindependent: Brazil and Peru: Number of Gay People Killed in 2011 Revealed

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