Kyrgyzstani Authorities Fail to Investigate Human Rights Violations

State Disregards Allegations of Torture, Rape and Murder of Civilians. Amnesty International condemns Kyrgyzstani authorities for their failure to investigate allegations of human rights violations committed against civilians during the June 2010 ethnic conflict, which resulted in hundreds of dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. Two years ago, violence erupted between Kyrgz and Uzbek ethnic groups in the south of the country. An Amnesty International briefing published today, Kyrgyzstan: Dereliction of Duty, finds that authorities have demonstrated reluctance to effectively investigate chargesof collusion and complicity by state security forces in the violence. “There are wounds that time will not heal,” said Maisy Weicherding, Amnesty International’s expert on Kyrgyzstan. “Truth, accountability and justice are the only tools that will mend the bridges between the two communities.” Kyrgyzstani authorities have neglected their responsibility to provide justice for the thousands of victims. Amnesty International calls on the international community to provide the authorities in the country with technical and financial support. “Crimes against humanity, which have included torture, rape and murder of civilians have gone unpunished,” added Weicherding.”Whatever investigations were undertaken have been one-sided; trials have fallen short of international standards of fairness.” In June 2010,Kyrgyzs and Uzbeks were involved in killings, looting and rampage in the southern towns of Osh and Jalal-Abad.However, the majority of the damage, injuries and deaths were suffered by ethnic Uzbeks.

via ai usa: Kyrgyzstani Authorities Fail to Investigate Human Rights Violations

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