Op-Ed: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism in the Czech Republic

“The most dangerous expressions of classic anti-Semitism in the Czech Republic are found on the internet – on neo-Nazi websites such as Národní vzde(lávací institut (National Institute of Education). Extreme leftist websites which attack Israel base their arguments on the “defense of human rights.” “There are no anti-Jewish riots or similar grave incidents in the country. Some incidents such as insulting Jews, or graffiti on Jewish property have been recorded by police and by the Security Center of the Jewish Community. Hate graffiti on synagogues or Jewish homes are usually removed quickly. “Vandalism in Jewish cemeteries – such as the much publicized case in Puklice this year – is rarely connected with anti-Semitism. In 2008, bronze plaques from tombstones in the former concentration camp Theresienstadt were stolen. The thieves wanted to sell the bronze and did not act out of anti-Semitic motives. These plaques have since then been replaced with plastic imitations.”

via israelnationalnews: Op-Ed: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism in the Czech Republic

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