REVEALED: Neo-Nazi Sikh temple shooter shot himself dead in the head after killing six in Wisconsin massacre

Originally thought Wade Page was killed by responding police officer. FBI revealed today he shot himself in head after being wounded in stomach. Moment of suicide caught on camera. Ex-girlfriend arrested after gun found at her home. Wade Michael Page was kicked out of the army in 1998 after six years. Soldier would rant about ‘racial holy war’, according to a friend (…) Special agent Teresa Carlson told reporters in Milwaukee that the 41-year-old gunman shot himself in the head after the second police officer responding to the scene shot him in the stomach. The disturbing moment was caught on camera. A motive has not yet been given for the senseless massacre. (…) Carlson said the FBI had received 101 leads ‘worldwide’ during its investigation but reaffirmed that no one else other than Page has been connected to the shooting. It comes on the same day as Page’s former girlfriend Misty Cook, from Milwaukee, was arrested after a gun was found at her home. She and Page were said to have broken up shortly before the Wisconsin massacre. Wade Page was said to have harboured white supremacist views and would rant about a ‘racial holy war’, according to an old friend of his from the army. The gunman was a ‘gentle young man’ when growing up, according to his mother – but by the time he enlisted in the Army in Milwaukee in 1992, he was already a neo-Nazi sympathiser.

via dailymail: REVEALED: Neo-Nazi Sikh temple shooter shot himself dead in the head after killing six in Wisconsin massacre

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