Probe into CIA ‘black sites’ extended

POLAND’S prosecutors have said they extended to February an ongoing probe into the country’s alleged hosting of a CIA secret prison where top Al-Qaeda terror suspects were tortured. Prosecutors launched an investigation in August 2008 into accusations that Warsaw had allowed the US Central Intelligence Agency to operate the prison from 2002-2003 in the north-eastern village of Kiejkuty to interrogate suspects in the September 11, 2001 attacks. Maciej Kujawski, a spokesman for the prosecutor general, refused yesterday to explain the reasons behind the extension to the probe, subject to rules on state secrets, being conducted by prosecutors in Krakow, southern Poland. In March, former Polish spy chief Zbigniew Siemiatkowski said he had been charged in connection with the probe, but prosecutors working on it refused to confirm his claim. Polish authorities have repeatedly denied authorising any so-called CIA “black sites” and in March Prime Minister Donald Tusk vowed to finally resolve the issue.

via dailytelegraph: Probe into CIA ‘black sites’ extended

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