Canada’s No Safe Haven From Breivik-Style Hate Crime

Yesterday a Norwegian public enquiry commission released a report and found that the attack that left 77 people dead and 240 wounded last summer, could have been avoided if police and other authorities had not been so slow to react. Anders Behring Breivik is now on trial for the attack, which included a bombing in central Oslo that left eight people dead, and a shooting spree at a youth camp on nearby Utoya Island, where 69 people died. Many of the dead were young people. (…) Breivik, it is reported, insists he was not insane and that he carefully calculated every move. He points to a 1,500-page manifesto, filled with hatred and intolerance towards minorities, particularly Muslim European immigrants. He is reported as saying his actions were motivated, not in a vacuum of delusion, but in self-defence of a climate, created by left-wing political parties, who allowed Islam upon his land. Breivik continues, reportedly, to refuse to express remorse for his actions and insists his hatred is not madness but logic. (…) According to Statistics Canada figures from 2009, the frequency of hate crimes are up. The largest increase was among those hate crimes motivated by religion, which rose 55 per cent in 2009. The reason? Some say it is due to the increased rhetoric of right wing political parties and their statements to media, which since 9/11, have focused on describing immigrants and visible minorities, particularly Muslims, as “the other.” Others say right wing conservative ideology alone does not necessarily lead to crime or domestic terrorism. The solution? If we wish to protect our society as a whole from being overrun by thugs of any faith, ideology or colour, the answer is clear — law enforcement in western nations must have a plan to protect the security of all its citizens against terrorists of all ideologies. Even the white ones.

via huffingtonpost: Canada’s No Safe Haven From Breivik-Style Hate Crime

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