Former SCV Leader Facing Prison for Massive Ponzi Scheme

A South Carolina extremist who helped engineer an attempt to turn the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) into an actively neo-Confederate organization is now facing prison for his role in a Ponzi scheme that defrauded hundreds of people. Ron G. Wilson remains free on bond after pleading guilty on July 30 to two counts of mail fraud. Wilson signed a plea agreement admitting that over an 11-year period he and his company, Atlantic Bullion & Coin, cheated at least 800 investors who collectively lost $59 million. Wilson acknowledged that he told investors, falsely, that he was buying silver with their money and that it was stored in a Delaware depository. In the plea agreement, he wrote that he used “fictitious account statements” and “used money for my personal benefit.” Wilson could receive 20 years in prison, $250,000 in fines, and three years of supervised release.

via splcenter: Former SCV Leader Facing Prison for Massive Ponzi Scheme

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