Outrage after Germany shuts file on Nazi massacre

Italian survivors of a wartime Nazi massacre expressed outrage on Tuesday, a day after a German court declined to prosecute the alleged perpetrators – who have already been convicted in Italy. An Italian military court sentenced to life 10 members of the Nazi party’s military arm, the Waffen SS, for the 1944 killing of 560 residents of the hill town of Sant’Anna di Stazzema in Tuscany. Italy’s highest appeal court upheld those convictions in 2007. But on Monday prosecutors in Stuttgart said the evidence to try in Germany the eight SS suspects who are still alive would only have sufficed for lesser charges, which were barred by the long elapse of time. Italy convicted them in absentia, since Germany’s constitution bars extradition of its own citizens. “Germany always says that we must do our homework on the economy. But also our German friends should do theirs on history,” 75-year-old Enio Mancini told the Corriere della Sera newspaper. “There is no logic in this, it is not fair,” 86-year-old Cesiria Pardini was quoted as saying by the left-wing Il Fatto newspaper. Her mother and two sisters were among the victims of the Nazi massacre. Mancini’s relatives and childhood friends were also killed. He was saved by a German soldier who fired in the air instead of shooting him. After the war, he was given a medal by German authorities. “I will now give it back to the (German) federal government because this acquittal is a scandal,” he protested.

via iol.co.za: Outrage after Germany shuts file on Nazi massacre

siehe auch: German prosecutors shelve probe into Nazi massacre in Italy. Stuttgart prosecutors says they have not found enough evidence to show that SS members played an active role in the 1944 killing of more than 500 civilians in the Tuscan village of Sant’Anna di Stazzema. Prosecutors in Germany said yesterday they have shelved their
investigation of 17 former German SS soldiers who were part of a unit involved in a Nazi wartime massacre of more than 500 civilians in Italy, because of a lack of evidence. The decision brings to a close a decade-long investigation of the former members of the 16th SS-Panzergrenadier Division “Reichsfuehrer SS,” eight of whom are still alive, on allegations they were involved in the Aug. 12, 1944, killings in the Tuscan village of Sant’Anna di Stazzema. The SS unit descended upon the village that morning ostensibly to hunt for partisans, but instead rounded up and shot villagers, according to survivors. Others were herded into basements and other enclosed spaces and killed withhand grenades.

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