Second Suspect Pleads Guilty in FEAR Militia Murder

Hours after four members of FEAR, an anti-government militia largely made up of active-duty and recently discharged American soldiers, shot to death two teenage sweethearts in the Georgia woods last December, the group gathered around a backyard bonfire, desperately trying to destroy evidence of the crime. “That didn’t work out so well,” prosecutor Isabel Pauley told a Liberty County, Ga., Superior Court judge Monday morning as a former Army medic became the second member of the dysfunctional band of brothers to agree to testify against his erstwhile comrades in the murders. The couple was killed shortly before Christmas, prosecutors say, to keep secret the group and its bizarrely grandiose plans to overthrow the United States government through a campaign of terror and political assassinations.

via splcenter: Second Suspect Pleads Guilty in FEAR Militia Murder

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