Greek police publish images of arrested and tortured anarchists that are altered in photoshop (upd)

Below is the inverted image of one of the photographs the Greek police have published (and many of the country’s media have reproduced) of four anarchists that were arrested and charged with two robberies in the village of Velvento, near the city of Kozani in NE Greece. All other photos show that the arrested were clearly tortured (bruised eyes etc). It seems that the police have tried to very hastily conceal this by digitally altering the images. According to their metadata, at least three of the photos published by the police were altered in Photoshop CS4.

via occupiedlondon: Greek police publish images of arrested and tortured anarchists that are altered in photoshop

siehe auch: Greek police ‘battered four terrorist suspects then launched cover-up’. Authorities urged to investigate ‘Guantanamo’ style tactics allegedly used on four men caught during bank robberies. Greek authorities on Monday faced an uproar after allegations that police had brutally beaten four suspected members of a local terrorist group before publishing manipulated mugshots of the men in a crude attempt to disguise their injuries. A prominent Athens prosecutor ordered an investigation after relatives of the men – aged between 20 and 24 – accused Greek police of adopting “Guantanamo- style” tactics. There was a public outcry after the media published doctored pictures of the suspects who were arrested on Friday after attempting to rob two banks in the crisis-hit north. Despite digitally altering the photos the detainees bruised eyes and lips were evident. (…) Like his friend, Romanos, who was present on the night of the shooting, comes from a family of businessmen and writers in Athens’s wealthy northern suburbs. On Monday he described himself as a “prisoner of war.” Police claim his fingerprints had been found in a safe house used by the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire. Dendias said the mug-shots had been released by police, despite digital doctoring, so that the suspects would be “recognisable to the public” and authorities could conduct further investigations into possible hide-outs they had used. An anonymous tip-off led police to a safe house rented by some of the suspects in the Athens suburb of Maroussi on Monday. But the crude Photoshop methods used to tone down the injuries the men had sustained has unleashed political outrage including opposition from the radical left Syriza party. Describing the methods as a “disgrace,” the party reminded Greeks of the Guardian’s exposure last year of similar cases of brutality.

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