We unmask the leader of anti-Islamic group now patrolling Irish streets

THIS IS the leader of the an­ti-Islamic Soldiers of Odin group who have been carry­ing out patrols on the streets of Ireland in recent weeks.Portuguese-native Samuel Sua­go Obadia is extremely vocal about his allegiance to the group and regularly posts online pic­tures of himself on patrol. However, when the Sunday World called to his Carlow home this week, he was suddenly unwilling to dis­cuss his allegiance to the movement. Asked if he would speak about his involvement in the group, he said: “Not at all. What the f**k are you doing here? Piss off. Go away.” Obadia, who is understood to have been living Ireland for some time, closed the door to his home after further questions were put to him. His partner, who is originally from Finland, is also a supporter of the group. A Soldiers of Odin spokesman later contacted the Sunday World to demand that we did not reveal the identity of Obadia or any other members. The spokesman said: “We believe that any publication of any personal details of any of the members of Soldiers of Odin Ireland will cause unessasary [sic] damage or distress to members.” (…) And while the Soldiers of Odin also claim to be protect female members of the community, media in Finland reported that some members in that country have convictions for violence against women. The Aamulehti newspaper revealed that one member was convicted after he pushed a woman to the wall and punched her twice in the face, breaking her nose. Another member assaulted a woman and threw her to the ground, hitting her head off a TV stand. Others have convictions for attacks against women, while one member has a conviction for assaulting his son as well as drugs and weapons offences.

bia sundayworld: We unmask the leader of anti-Islamic group now patrolling Irish streets

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