Hundreds of Migrants Arrested in Bulgaria

Deputy Interior Ministry says round-up of illegal migrants is intended to ‘send a signal’ that instability in Turkey will not lead to fresh migration pressure on Bulgaria. Hundreds of migrants have been arrested in special police operations over the last 24 hours on Bulgarian territory, inside the country and while trying to cross into Serbia illegally, the Ministry of Interior announced on Tuesday. In Sofia, police have arrested 162 migrants without documents, including men, women and children, while 45 others have been prevented from crossing into Serbia in two different groups near the border towns of Kula and Bregovo. “The Serbian-Bulgarian border is well guarded,” Deputy Interior Minister Filip Gounev said on Tuesday following an extraordinary session of two parliamentary commissions dedicated to the threats arising from ongoing instability in Turkey. On Sunday, Serbia decided to form a joint police and military force to patrol the border with Bulgaria and Macedonia and prevent illegal movements into Serbia and the smuggling of refugees. In response, on Monday the secretary general of the Bulgarian police, Georgi Kostov, said that “Serbia has no reason to worry about the security [of its border with Bulgaria]”, declining to comment further on Serbia’s border policy.

via balkan insight: Hundreds of Migrants Arrested in Bulgaria

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