Far-Right clashes with anti-fascists at #Brexit march to Downing Street

Far-Right extremists crashed violently with police and anti-fascist groups yesterday.
Nationalist groups, led by the South East Alliance, were marching to Downing Street to demand the government triggers Brexit immediately by invoking Article 50. Marchers were pictured shouting, waving their fists and confronting police officers, while waving Union Jacks and the St George flag. One man had even turned up in a Nazi uniform. However, they were reportedly far outnumbered by anti-fascist protesters, including United Against Fascism and #BlackLivesMatter. ‘Well done to all who drowned out the fascist poison in London tonight,’ UAF wrote in a Facebook post. Scuffles as far right pro #Brexit protesters march to Downing Street @Ruptly pic.twitter.com/dmGBH4bfgo  — Jon Scammell (@JonScammell) July 29, 2016 ‘A motley 38 fascists, one in NSDAP (Nazi) uniform, had a hard time from anti-fascists who outnumbered their hate fest.

via metro: Far-Right clashes with anti-fascists at Brexit march to Downing Street

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