Czech MPs join platform against multiculturalism

The Czech daily Právo reported on 29 July that Czech MP Zdeněk Soukup (ANO) has created a platform against multiculturalism. “Whoever identifies with our 10 commandments can become a member – if they can get over their fear. Some party secretariats view us with distrust,” he told the paper. As many as 40 MPs from ANO, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, and the Czech Social Democratic Party have joined the platform, which says it wants to provide the public with information about migration. “The platform takes as its main task the flexible, truthful provision of information to legislators and the public about the development of migration and latent Islamization. Furthermore, we want to disseminate our official attitudes toward and opinons on this problem through round tables, seminars and talks beyond the floor of Parliament, for example, in the regions,” the text of the platform reads. The purpose of the platform is allegedly educational. Czech MP Tomio Okamura (Úsvit) told the paper that by establishing it, Soukup seeks to pressure those parties that advocate for multiculturalism. According to the platform’s 10 commandments, members consider the determining culture in Central Europe to be one based on Greek philosophy, Roman law, Judeo-Christian traditions and the ideas of humanism.

vua Czech MPs join platform against multiculturalism

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