Neo‑Nazi group plans event in Potter Co.

The National Socialist Movement of Pennsylvania, a whites‑only political organization, is planning to meet in Potter County next week, prompting many local residents to rally against the cause. “Our goal is to turn Pennsylvania into a stronghold of white supremacy,” National Socialist Movement of Pennsylvania leader Steve Bowers said Monday afternoon. The event is slated for Aug. 13 somewhere in or around Ulysses. That’s the same community that in 2002 had been the site of the Aryan World Congress, which included skinheads, Klansmen, neo‑Nazis and white power bands. For several years, the white supremacist group Aryan Nations had a presence in the county. For the upcoming event, the National Socialist Movement said in a flyer that it is inviting “all White Patriots” to attend the meeting along Route 49 near Coudersport, and for people to “bring the kids.” Gates open at 4 p.m.; the exact address for the meeting has not been disclosed. A swastika lighting is planned at dusk, and, according to the movement’s website, the swastika represents the white race.

via oleantimesherald: Neo‑Nazi group plans event in Potter Co.

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