White Nationalists Love Trump’s Attacks On The Khan Family: “God Bless Donald Trump,” Deport The Khans

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric continues to excite white nationalists, who are praising his “rightful” attacks against Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan. The racist pundits say that Trump’s anti-Muslim comments prove he’s “the real thing,” claim fallen soldier Humayun Khan was a “terrorist” infiltrator, and called for the Khans to be deported. Trump And His Allies Have Been Smearing The Khan Family Trump Ignited A Controversy By Attacking Gold Star Parents Khizr And Ghazala Khan. Khizr Khan gave a July 28 speech at the Democratic National Convention honoring his son Humayun Khan, who was killed while serving as an Army captain in Iraq in 2004. Khan criticized Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim policies, and the Republican presidential nominee responded by attacking Khan and his wife, which ignited a firestorm of controversy. [Media Matters, 8/1/16, 8/1/16] Trump Ally Roger Stone Promoted Double Agent Claims About Khizr Khan And His Son. Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally and adviser, has been promoting smears against the Khan family. Stone claimed that Khizr Khan wants to enact Sharia Law and is a “Muslim Brotherhood agent.” Stone also promoted an article suggesting Humayun Khan was a double agent working for Al-Qaeda. Stone later walked back his Muslim Brotherhood allegation, but still accuses Khizr Khan of being a disloyal American. [Media Matters, 8/1/16, 8/1/16; Mediaite, 8/1/16] White Nationalists Praise Trump For Attacking Muslim Gold Star Parents White Nationalists Have Endorsed Trump And His Policies. The white nationalist movement has been celebrating Trump. They’ve attended his convention and other campaign events and have used Trump’s candidacy to recruit followers, fundraise, and spread their message. The Trump campaign has had a series of troubling interactions with the white nationalist movement, including having their surrogates give interviews to white nationalist media, giving a white nationalist radio host press credentials, failing to condemn their support, and retweeting them. [Media Matters, 7/21/16; Time, 7/22/16] Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer On Capt. Khan: “An Islamic Terrorist From Pakistan Infiltrates The US Military” And “Accidentally Gets His Dumbass Killed.” The Daily Stormer is an anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi hate site that’s endorsed Donald Trump. Editor Andrew Anglin repeatedly smeared the late Capt. Khan and his family as terrorists and called on them to be deported. From his post:

via mediamatters: White Nationalists Love Trump’s Attacks On The Khan Family: “God Bless Donald Trump,” Deport The Khans

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