London gay couple beaten unconscious after night out on popular Greek island

A London couple have told how they were beaten unconscious in a brutal homophobic attack while on a family holiday. The married couple, known only as Tristan and Vestal, from Lewisham, were assaulted on night out in the Greek island of Mykonos. The pair were returning from a popular gay bar when they were struck from behind and punched and kicked as they lay unconscious on the ground. Both men said they were targeted by thugs because they are gay. Tristan, 42, told the Standard: “I can remember walking up a hill and turning round because Vestal wasn’t with me. “I could see he was talking to someone we didn’t know and was being pinned up against some railings. “I said to him “Vestal, we need to go” and he said he would deal with it. It was the last thing I could remember. “When I woke up my head was feeling battered and my two front teeth were missing. I cradled Vestal who was also unconscious. He only came to when he was in the hospital.” (…) “We are convinced this was a homophobic attack because we don’t think it can be anything else. Anyone who knows Vestal knows he is the most friendly, non-threatening person there is.” The victims said police are investigating the attack but the area where it took place was not covered by CCTV. The attack took place on the evening of July 19, the couple’s second night on the Greek island after they flew out with relatives. Tristan added he still needed extensive dental treatment following the assault, which sparked friends to set up a GoFundMe page to help restore his smile. So far, more than £6,600 has been raised, surpassing the fund’s £5,000 target.

via London gay couple beaten unconscious after night out on popular Greek island

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