Police probe Nazi flier in Shelby Township election

Shelby Township — Hundreds of fliers that went out Sunday depicting the township supervisor as Adolf Hitler has prompted an investigation by Michigan State Police.
Authorities say the fliers were placed in mailboxes across the township in what appeared to be an effort to thwart supervisor Rick Stathakis’ re-election in Tuesday’s primary. He received 61 percent of the vote, effectively giving him a third term in office since he has no competition in November’s general election. The flier also has the faces of three township trustee candidates — Anthony Apone, Lynn M. Wilhelm and Douglas Wozniak — and current treasurer Michael Flynn superimposed on the bodies of Nazis doing the Hitler salute. The flier’s author also criticizes the trustee candidates, listing alleged troubled pasts and lack of experience under their names. The flier says it was paid for by “a lifelong concerned citizen of Shelby Township.” Shelby Police Chief Robert Shelide said state police are investigating whether the fliers were sponsored by a candidate who ran for township trustee and lost. If that person is found to be behind the fliers, he or she could face a misdemeanor offense for funding the propaganda without listing their name on it. Michigan law requires anyone who creates or sponsors a flier about a candidate running for political office to identify themselves on the literature.

via detroitnews: Police probe Nazi flier in Shelby Township election

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