‘Neo-Nazi’ bomb threat to Rotherham mosque

Police are investigating a ‘Neo-Nazi’ bomb threat to a Rotherham mosque. A letter sent to Jamia Mosque on Russell Street in Eastwood said ‘Next time it will be a bomb, you Muslim scum’. It was signed off with ‘1488’, which is a Neo-Nazi code for the 14-word creed of white supremacists and 88, representing HH — Heil Hitler. The incident has been documented by Islamphobia watchdog Tell MAMA, who said it is the latest in a series of ‘very disturbing incidents’ in Rotherham in the wake of the town’s child sexual exploitation scandal which largely involved men of Pakistani origin abusing white girls. Tell MAMA said the incident follows the racist murder of Muslim pensioner Mushin Ahmed, an Asian man being attacked with a meat cleaver at a petrol station and a Muslim woman wearing a hijab having her car attacked by a man believed to have been carrying a gun.

via thestar: ‘Neo-Nazi’ bomb threat to Rotherham mosque

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