Ohio judge sends lawyer to jail for wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin in court

An Ohio attorney was removed from a courtroom in handcuffs and sentenced to five days in jail after she refused to take off a Black Lives Matter pin at a judge’s request. Attorney Andrea Burton was arrested at a Youngstown, Ohio courthouse on Friday while representing a client. She was charged with contempt of court after refusing to remove the pin on the grounds that she was expressing her right to free speech. She was given the several-day jail sentence but has been released while an appeal is underway, WKBN News reported. Judge Robert Milich reportedly asked Burton several times to take off the pin during a court session on Friday morning, citing a Supreme Court ruling allowing judges to prohibit political symbols from the courtroom. He called Burton into his chambers to discuss the matter privately and then adjourned her case after she continued to refuse. Burton is removed from the court after repeatedly declining Milich’s order to take off the pin. (WKBN) “There’s a difference between a flag, a pin from your church or the Eagles and have a pin that’s on a political issue,” Milich told WKBN. Judges are generally granted wide latitude in what they allow in their courtrooms. Burton argued that her First Amendment rights overrule the Supreme Case law — and Milich’s discretion — and refused the his instructions because she didn’t want to remain “neutral to injustice.”

via nydailynews: Ohio judge sends lawyer to jail for wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin in court

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