Donald Trump Waves Anti-Semitic Graphic Tweeted by David Duke

Donald Trump used another graphic initially published by an anti-Semitic site last week at a rally in Sunrise, Florida. He held up a chart that purported to show the amount of money several countries in North Africa and the Middle East had paid in order to receive money from the State Department, calling it a “Pay to Play” system. The graphic showed a twenty dollar bill with Hillary Clinton’s face in the center. The graphic, however, had been tweeted last month by former Klu Klux Klan member and candidate for senator of Louisiana, David Duke. That image had an Israeli flag where the stamp of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York would be. The graphic Trump held up at the Florida rally, on a large piece of poster board, did not display the Israeli flag or a Star of David. Nathaniel Meyersohn, a reporter for Buzzfeed, first noticed that Duke had originally tweeted the graphic. The graphic was published on, a community-sourced conspiracy theory site that has an active UFO search section, warnings of the “coming civil war” and an article stating that Bill Clinton may die from AIDS within a year. In its original form the graphic does not seem to have depicted the Israeli flag. It is likely that Duke added that himself. Last month Trump tweeted a graphic depicting a Star of David and referring to Hillary Clinton as the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” Trump was roundly criticized for the tweet, which originally came from an online neo-Nazi forum. Trump then changed the Star of David to a circle, before defending the original graphic by saying it was meant to be taken as a sheriff’s star.

via forward: Donald Trump Waves Anti-Semitic Graphic Tweeted by David Duke

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