Man kills neighbor who he called “Dirty Arab”

A 37-year-old Arab American man was murdered last Friday following an escalated longtime feud with his neighbor. Police said 37-year-old Khalid Jabara was fatally shot by his neighbor, Vernon Majors, 64, on his front porch. Residents in the area confirmed the suspect and victim had animosity for quite some time. Police said Majors had a criminal history with the neighbors. He had previously attempted to run over  Jabra’s mother, and had served 8 months in jail for constantly harassing the family.  However, when Majors was released from jail, his animosity towards the family escalated to a dangerous level.
He had waved and fired his gun hours before he murdered Khalid. According to the family,  police was contacted about Majors’ behavior, but he wasn’t arrested.  That same evening, Majors made his way over to the Jabra family’s front porch and fatally shot Khalid. According to Jabara’s sister, Victoria Jabara Williams,  Majors had repeatedly unleashed racially charged insults at the family until it escalated into the death of her brother.

via arabamericanews: Man kills neighbor who he called “Dirty Arab”

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