Farage’s fascist past? Nigel boasted about his NF initials and sang ‘gas them all’, claims schoolfriend

Exclusive: ‘I knew you – I remember your interest in the National Front. I want the nation to see you as I do.’ New claims of former Ukip leader’s ‘dark’ past. Nigel Farage was proud at the height of Britain’s far right movement that his initials NF also stood for National Front, according to a close school friend who after years of silence says he now wants the public to understand more about the man. He also claims the teenage Mr Farage sang “gas ‘em all, gas ‘em all”, a neo-Nazi song about Jewish people. The former friend attended fee-paying Dulwich College in south London with the ex-Ukip leader in the late Seventies and early Eighties and says he has kept quiet about his memories until now, in part out of a sense of loyalty. (…) At that moment, he remembered the teenage Nigel who he says would provoke and “enchant” teachers and pupils alike and supported the British 1930s fascist Oswald Mosley.  His former friend initially planned to identify himself, but after the killing of MP Jo Cox in June he claims he is fearful of potential repercussions from fanatics. He has now written an open letter to Mr Farage in The Independent. In it, he says he does not believe his former classmate and confidant has any sympathy with fascist views today but he has been considering how much his views have evolved between his youth and middle age.

via independent: Farage’s fascist past? Nigel boasted about his NF initials and sang ‘gas them all’, claims schoolfriend

siehe auch: ‘Dear Nigel… I wish your teenage fascist views had been dealt with. History could have been very different’ Exclusive: Schoolfriend breaks 34-year silence and pens open letter to the man who brought about Brexit (…) But I also remember something altogether more alarming: the songs you chanted at school. In her letter Chloe Deakin mentioned reports of you singing Hitler Youth songs, and when you were confronted by that, you denied it.  But I do remember you singing the song starting with the words “gas them all, gas ‘em all, gas them all”. I can’t forget the words. I can’t bring myself to write the rest of it for it is more vile that anything the teachers at Dulwich would ever have been aware of. I too think that things can be in the past and that people grow up from being naughty schoolchildren. Heaven help us if they didn’t, let’s face it, but heaven help us if we believe all children do.

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