Lithuanian intellectuals issue manifesto comparing gay pride with Soviet, Nazi tactics

In a strong manifesto, a coalition of Lithuanian religious and intellectual leaders, including heroes of the anti-communist resistance, condemned the 2016 Baltic Pride Parade as an attack on human nature and the public good that follows in the path of the Soviet Union’s assault on the traditional family. Audrius Makauskas, a spokesman for a group named Vilnius Forum, told LifeSiteNews that Lithuanian intellectuals were not going to cave in to homosexual threats like their Western counterparts. “We are a country that had experienced and still remembers the Soviet experiment. We rejected the norms of the new Communist morality that were imposed by those who claimed to be leading us into a bright future. The more brutally these so-called progressive norms were being thrust upon us, the more vehemently we opposed them. So it shall be this time as well,” Makauskas promised. The group’s statement assertd the LGBT campaign goes well beyond equal rights for its members but is “the continuation of unsuccessful attempts by the 20th century’s totalitarian regimes — Soviet Communism and German National Socialism —  to create a ‘new man of the future … and a new society.'” This project is “contrary to common sense and scientific knowledge” that is “currently being conducted in Western countries.” Homosexuality is evidently a tough sell in Lithuania. When the Baltic Pride March began in 2010, the host city had to be forced by a court order to participate. Police have resorted to tear gas to suppress popular resistance at subsequent parades, and the makers of the video promoting this year’s parade thought it prudent to fill the opening screen with a heterosexual couple with child.

via lifesitenews: Lithuanian intellectuals issue manifesto comparing gay pride with Soviet, Nazi tactics

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