Syrians Alarmed by Bulgarian Media’s Anti-Refugee Rhetoric

The Syrian community in Bulgaria wants the state authorities to investigate the growing number of xenophobic media articles that denigrate refugees and migrants. The Bulgaria-based Free Syria Association and the Association of Syrian Refugees warned at a press conference on Thursday that the country’s media was negatively distorting the image of refugees. “We feel obliged to thank [Bulgarian society] for the tolerance and empathy it demonstrated so far, but also to note that propagating xenophobia and intolerance towards others… is a precondition for new conflicts and divisions,” the Syrian organisations said in a joint declaration. Their reaction was provoked by an article, broadly shared on social networks, in which someone identified as a 16-year-old Syrian girl claimed that the majority of the Syrian refugees hate Christians and “only think about how to cut their throats”. But Akram Nayuf from the Free Syria Association said this was completely incorrect. “A real Muslim thinks that Christians are his brothers and sisters and would never hurt them,” Nayuf said. Mohamed Yusuf from the Association of Syrian Refugees added that “someone wants to spread fear in Bulgarian society and such propaganda has to be stopped”. The Syrian organisations insisted that the controversial article had been fabricated and that no such attitudes existed among refugees.

via balkan insight: Syrians Alarmed by Bulgarian Media’s Anti-Refugee Rhetoric

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