Twitter Announces 235,000 Accounts Suspended for Hate Ties

In a blog post published on Thursday, Twitter announced that it has suspended over 235,000 accounts since February. Since mid-2015, the company reported, it has suspended over 360,000 accounts total, in light of its policy banning violent threats and promotion of terrorism. The company has received criticism from Congress, as well as security experts, for permitting ISIS and its supporters to use the site. “With this latest critical move, Twitter has really set the right tone in the fight against nefarious content on its platform,” Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, told JTA. “By suspending accounts that have regularly promoted terror and other deeply troubling content, Twitter has taken an important step forward in combating cyberhate.” In its Thursday post, Twitter included a tweet from July that stated activity related to ISIS (also known as Daesh) has been almost cut in half in two years. (…) The Jewish reporter Jonathan Weisman also left Twitter earlier this summer after receiving hundreds of anti-Semitic messages. He wrote several articles about the experience for the New York Times. Several of the accounts that Jonathan Weisman cited in his articles as having gone unsuspended by Twitter has since been suspended. In its Thursday blog post, Twitter noted that it has gotten better at keeping people suspended from the platform from making new accounts, as well as decreased its response time in suspending accounts after terrorist events.

via forward: Twitter Announces 235,000 Accounts Suspended for Hate Ties

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