Leaked Exploits are Legit and Belong to NSA: Cisco, Fortinet and Snowden Docs Confirm

Last week, a group calling itself “The Shadow Brokers” published what it said was a set of NSA “cyber weapons,” including some working exploits for the Internet’s most crucial network infrastructure, apparently stolen from the agency’s Equation Group in 2013.
Well, talking about the authenticity of those exploits, The Intercept published Friday a new set of documents from the Edward Snowden archive, which confirms that the files leaked by the Shadow Brokers contain authentic NSA software and hacking tools used to secretly infect computers worldwide. As I previously mentioned, the leaked documents revealed how the NSA was systematically spying on customers of big technology companies like Cisco, Fortinet, and Juniper for at least a decade. Hacking tools from The Shadow Brokers leak named ExtraBacon, EpicBanana, and JetPlow, contain exploits that can compromise Cisco firewall products including devices from the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) line, PIX firewalls, and Cisco Firewall Services Modules (FWSM). After a thorough investigation, Cisco confirmed the authenticity of these exploits, saying that these hacking tools contain exploits that leverage two security vulnerabilities affecting Cisco ASA software designed to protect corporate and government networks and data centers.

via the hacker news: Leaked Exploits are Legit and Belong to NSA: Cisco, Fortinet and Snowden Docs Confirm

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