Afghanistan refugee shot dead in Serbia

An unidentified hunter has killed a 20-year-old Afghan refugee after he crossed over illegally from Bulgaria. Police have arrested the gunman on suspicion of shooting the migrant. The defense ministry in Belgrade confirmed the killing on Wednesday. Security forces were patrolling the town of Pirot a day earlier when they “heard a shot and then met six migrants, one of whom had been shot in the chest,” a defense ministry statement said. Four hunters were also found on the spot and police arrested one who was suspected of having killed the 20-year-old Afghan. “Upon the arrival of emergency services, doctors could only establish the death of a 20-year-old male citizen of Afghanistan,” the statement added. According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), around 4,400 migrants are currently stuck in Serbia.

via dw: Afghanistan refugee shot dead in Serbia

siehe auch: Afghan migrant ‘shot dead by hunting party’ in Serbian woods. Police have arrested a member of a hunting party in Serbia after a young Afghan migrant was shot dead in the woods near the Bulgarian border. Security forces in Pirot were patrolling the woods, in the southeast of Serbia, when they “heard a shot and then met six migrants, one of whom had been shot in the chest.” They then came across four hunters at the scene and arrested one of them on suspicion of shooting the 20-year-old  migrant. (…) Though a 110-mile-long fence has been set up across the Hungary-Serbia border, many people are able to sneak across with help from smugglers. It has led to the emergence of self-styled vigilante groups who patrol the borders of Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria in search of illegal migrants.  Last May Dinko Valev, a Bulgarian vigilante, boasted of subduing 12 Syrian men, three women and a child after pursuing them with his quad bike near the border. Video footage posted on social media showed the migrants lying face-down on the ground while Mr Valev insulted them and claimed they came from Syria to “kill us like dogs.”

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