White Lives Matter is a “flat-out white supremacist group,” says SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization which tracks hate groups across the U.S., is set to officially regard a group called White Lives Matter as a white supremacist group, the Houston Chronicle reported Saturday. Heidi Beirich, who runs the SPLC’s Intelligence Report, told the site White Lives Matter appears to be “just a flat-out white supremacist group” and will be added to the nonprofit’s official log of hate groups in February. White Lives Matter, which conducted a Confederate flag-waving protest outside the headquarters of the Houston NAACP on Aug. 21, is led in part by a woman named Rebecca Barnette who is “also the vice president of the women’s division of the skinhead group Aryan Strikeforce,” the Chronicle wrote. Other elements of the group’s protests, such as posters saying “14 Words,” are references to elements of neo-Nazi ideology.
The group’s website contains numerous references to the challenges facing “the white way of life,” and other White Lives Matter members belong to Texas-based racist and fascist groups, according to an SPLC report.

via mic: White Lives Matter is a “flat-out white supremacist group,” says SPLC

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