Crowd trouble, racism mar Red Star win

Serbia’s top division match between champions Red Star Belgrade and Novi Pazar was marred by serious crowd trouble and racism as officials were forced to suspend play for 20 minutes during the on Sunday. Trouble erupted in the second half when home Novi Pazar fans pelted the Red Star bench with fireworks and seats they had ripped from the stands after Red Star striker Predrag Sikimic injured the home side’s keeper Mladen Zivkovic. With the home fans also hurling racist abuse at Red Star’s Gabonese midfielder Guelor Kanga, riot police moved in to secure the visitors’ dugout during the delay as referee Milan Ilic led the players into the tunnel. Sikimic was sent off for his reckless kick to Zivkovic’s head and the 27-year-old keeper was rushed to hospital with a fractured cheekbone.

via eurosport: Crowd trouble, racism mar Red Star win

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