White Lives Matter to Be Declared a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center

“White Lives Matter” will soon be added to a list of U.S. hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the watchdog group announced Tuesday. The SPLC contends that White Lives Matter is frequently used by white supremacists as a counter-slogan to “Black Lives Matter,” and the movement has been organized into a separate white nationalist group. White Lives Matter will officially join the list of 892 other hate groups in the country when it gets its annual update in February, said Heidi Beirich, the Intelligence Project director at the SPLC. Rebecca Barnette stands in front of a flag with a swastika in her profile picture on the Russian social media site VK.com. The group will also appear on the SPLC’s Hate Map, which functions as a device to alert the public and law enforcement where “organizations spewing racism and hate are located,” Beirich told NBC News. White Lives Matter is headquartered in Tennessee, but could also be featured in other places on the map after the SPLC does more research on the group and there whereabouts of its members, Beirich said. “Hate groups are, by our definition, those that vilify entire groups of people based on immutable characteristics such as race or ethnicity,” SPLC’s website says. “While it’s no surprise, given our country’s history, that most domestic hate groups hold white supremacist views, there are a number of black organizations on our hate group list as well.” Black Lives Matter is not on that list because leaders and founders of the group have done “nothing at all to suggest that the bulk of the demonstrators hold supremacist or black separatist views,” the SPLC says. The SPLC added that Black Lives Matter advocates that “black lives also matter” and is not in any way anti-white. Meanwhile, the White Lives Matter website says the group “supports breeding practices that improve fitness, opposes dysgenic immigration, and takes a libertarian stance on other right wing gripes that don’t directly turn the population non-White.” “The group is clearly white supremacist,” Beirich said. White Lives Matter denies that is a white supremacist group and challenged the hate group label.

via nbcnews: White Lives Matter to Be Declared a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center

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