Car vandal hurled racial abuse at police

A DUMBARTON man launched a tirade of racial abuse towards a police officer after being arrested for hitting two parked cars with a shovel. Gary Docherty told the officer that the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels last year were “because of you” and shouted at him: “You’re ISIS. You’re a f*****g Muslim.” Docherty had been arrested in Helenslee Road in the early hours of March 28 after two witnesses heard him shouting outside their home. Fiscal depute Laura Knox told the town’s sheriff court the witnesses had gone to their window on hearing the noise, and saw Docherty in their driveway striking the two parked vehicles. “Police arrived and the accused became aggressive and began shouting and swearing,” Ms Knox said. “He was informed he was under arrest, and was taken to Clydebank police office. “Whilst being processed there he began shouting at the police witness Hussain, saying ‘Paris and Brussels was because of you. You’re ISIS. You’re a f*****g Muslim. Get that Muslim away from me.’.” Scott Adair, defending, said Docherty accepted his behaviour was “entirely at his own instigation”. Mr Adair said that while his client could not remember damaging the two cars because of his level of intoxication, when the charge of directing racial remarks towards the police officer was put to him he immediately remembered his behaviour and apologised. He also told the court Docherty had a “fairly limited” record of previous convictions, but acknowledged that there was a background of alcohol abuse in his client’s life. Referring to the latter charge, Sheriff Gerry McMillan told Mr Adair that Docherty’s behaviour was “off the scale”.

via dumbartonreporter: Car vandal hurled racial abuse at police

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