Prague officials call for police to break up anti-Islamic meeting

The police dispersed a demonstration held by Martin Konvicka’s Initiative (IMK) anti-Islam group outside the Saudi Arabia embassy in Prague yesterday, due to defamation of religion, on call of the City Hall’s officials. The clerks argued that the participants in the rally entitled “With Humour to Mecca” had downgraded religion and that they deviated from the originally announced programme. A few dozen supporters of the Konvicka group refused to leave the street, but around 15:00 only a small circle of debating people stayed there. The City Hall clerks left the rally with a police assistance, and some 20 police officers watching the rally left, too. No one was detained. Konvicka’s supporters were disguised like Muslims and they placed a mobile toilet outside the embassy that should stand for Kaaba, the most sacred mosque in Mecca. They planned to “stone” it with crumpled pieces of newspaper to mock the ritual that Muslims consider holy. Exactly this performance was qualified as defamation of religion, and this is why the meeting was dispersed. The City Hall informed the organisers beforehand that their event would be dissolved in the case of downgrading religion. “I think that a court should decide on this. If it is up to the Prague City Hall to solve whether some religion is defamed or not, I can remember five or ten pictures displayed in Prague galleries that are defaming religion in some way,” Konvicka told CTK before the meeting.

via prague monitor: Prague officials call for police to break up anti-Islamic meeting

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