Neo-Nazis Are Using a White-Only Homeless Charity to Spread Race Hate

English neo-Nazis are conducting whites-only homeless outreach in order to spread their race hate. Hitler worshippers National Action have taken to the streets in Glasgow and Yorkshire in conjunction with Polish fascist party The National Revival of Poland, to give out tinned food to the homeless. Pictures show value bourbon creams, bananas and some kind of weird protein drink laying on a table covered with white-power flags. The National Revival of Poland campaign is dubbed “White Rescue: Charity Campaign for Europeans”. NA’s rationale for similar events is also explicitly racist. One of the reasons National Action wants to do this is for “the establishment of our brand of politics in areas it’s been lacking”. The “brand of politics” we’re talking about here is Nazism, a brand that was somewhat tarnished by the fact that it started World War II and the worst genocide in all history. National Action want to build a group capable of “ethnically cleansing Britain”. They’re part of Europe’s “autonomist nationalist” subculture – Nazis who copy the aesthetics and tactics of the far left. For instance you’re more likely to see them in “black bloc” type gear than fetishising military uniform. Their members have been attending Isis inspired “Sigurd” training camps, where young neo-Nazis from across the country gather to practice fighting in groups, use knives as weapons and learn about Nazi ideology. Zack Davies, who is serving a life sentence for the racist attempted murder of an Asian man in North Wales, claimed allegiance to the group. That’s all pretty sinister, but on the other hand probably their most famous day was when they were utterly humiliated while trying to hold a “White Man March” in Liverpool, and hemmed into a corner of the station by anti-fascists and angry locals who pelted them with bananas, eggs and punches. More recently they’ve made headlines by holding a flash-mob in Newcastle with a banner reading “Hitler was right”, and by giving a Hitler salute while in Buchenwald concentration camp. They really like Hitler, and would love to see another Holocaust – but maybe homeless outreach makes them good guys really?

via vice: Neo-Nazis Are Using a White-Only Homeless Charity to Spread Race Hate

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