Prague Pride changes website after recommending supporters vote for racist candidates

The Prague Pride organization, which defends the rights of gays and lesbians and annually convenes a pride march through the center of Prague, recently conducted a survey among candidates to the Senate for this year’s elections. According to how candidates responded to the three questions asked, the organization recommended members of the LGBT community vote for them. Among the candidates paradoxically recommended by Prague Pride, paradoxically, were anti-Romani, racist politicians such as Liana Janáčková of Ostrava and Jiří Mária Sieber of Most. After news server warned Prague Pride about these politicians’ views, the organization reformulated its messaging.  Prague Pride sent three questions to candidates about support for same-sex couples adopting children and support for same-sex couples being able to marry. “These are topics that should interest you – when you go to vote, think about the fact that it will decide your future. Here are our recommendations:  Three ‘yes’ answers means you can vote for that candidate with peace of mind. Just don’t forget to keep checking whether these people actually represent your interests,” the Prague Pride website read on 9 August. “We reached out to all candidates for whom an e-mail address was publicly accessible without engaging in any censorship, without drawing any distinctions, and without pre-selecting them,” Czeslaw Walek, who is responsible for public relations at Prague Pride, explained to news server “The aim of the survey is to inform our target group of LGBT persons how candidates say they will vote on topics that directly concern LGBT persons. We want to inspire LGBT people to participate in the Senate elections and reflect on whom they are casting their votes for instead of leaving such decisions up to everybody else.” “Those questions strictly concerned matters that are close to the LGBT community, our aim was not to substitute for some sort of general election calculator! The answers are important for the LGBT community because this is the second legislative session during which an amendment to the law on registered partnership that would make it possible for same-sex couples to adopt children has lain untouched in the Chamber of Deputies. For the last eight years, politicians have not managed to send that amendment even through a first reading, to say nothing of adopting it. Nobody else is asking the politicians who want to ‘represent our interests’ in future for their opinions about adoption, or about relationships between same-sex couples, so LGBT voters don’t even know what stand a particular candidate will take on those matters,” Walek said. “At the same time, I want to point out that voters are not a herd of sheep. People are competent, and in addition to looking at our website, they will begin to take more interest in these candidates and will decide whom to vote for based on their own consciences,” Walek said when asked by news server whether the organization was not bothered to be expressing support for candidates who have openly spoken against refugee reception or against Romani people. Prague Pride changes website after recommending supporters vote for racist candidates

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