Greek Journalists Say Neo-Fascist Party Members Attacked Them During Anti-Refugee Protest

Local journalists say members of Greece’s neo-fascist Golden Dawn party attacked them while they were covering an anti-refugee protest organized by residents in Chios last week. Although the Sept. 14 rally at the town central square started peacefully, violence erupted as a group of protesters began marching toward one of the island’s makeshift refugee camps and soon after headed toward another camp in the area of Souda, where about 1,800 people are sheltered. As clashes between protesters and the police broke out outside the camps, journalists from local media were among those attacked by Golden Dawn members. Ioannis Stevis, head of Chios  ews site, said his arm was injured by a Golden Dawn member and his camera smashed while he was trying to cover the events. Another local journalist, Pantelis Fykaris, was verbally attacked. Speaking exclusively to HuffPost Greece, Stevis condemned the unwillingness of local police to interfere during the attack. “There is something wrong going on. The police do not respond to any of this. I am not in a position to judge why this is happening, it is the prosecutor and the competent ministry who should look into this,” he said.  Stevis said that local journalists, including himself, have been targeted by Golden Dawn on social media platforms before, and said that although the perpetrators are known, the police have not made any arrests. The Chios police declined to comment.

via huff: Greek Journalists Say Neo-Fascist Party Members Attacked Them During Anti-Refugee Protest

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