The State of Hate in 2013

Arrests for violence, growing evidence of involvement in terrorism, the re-emergence of the old Combat 18 factions, confrontation on the streets again over Northern Ireland; it was almost as if we were in 1993, not 2013 last year. Our research has provided us evidence that even suggests that the BNP actually had a larger paid-up and active membership in 1993 too. As we begin 2014, a total and complete electoral demise of the extreme far right in this country is within our grasp. (…) Yet the decline of the BNP and EDL does not mean the threat has disappeared. We are likely to see a fracturing of the movement, with actions being more localised and perhaps more militant. Thousands of young men have been radicalised by the BNP and EDL and these people will not vanish overnight. In some cases we will see EDL supporters drift into UKIP while others appear to be moving over to the more hardline and confrontational National Front. Others, as we have seen in Leicester and Lincolnshire, will get involved in local community actions against migrants and campaigns against mosques. The EDL and its satellite “counter-Jihadists” groups are a serious disengagement from civil society. The levels of violence they are capable of, the intimidation of progressive people and a complete and a serious rejection of a multicultural Britain for a society, sees them now advocating increasingly serious levels of violence, murder and terrorism like their founder Stephen Lennon prophesised would happen after the Breivik massacre in 2011.

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Sunderland #drug #dealer threatens Muslim #EDL member

One of the strangest specimen’s on the far-right in Britain is Abdul Rafiq, a 43 year old Muslim man from Glasgow who not only hangs around with the neo-Nazis of the English Defence League (EDL), but has also been banned from Ibrox (home of Glasgow Rangers FC) for sectarian chanting. Abdul’s never out of the news for his strange far-right views and friends and he even claims he cannot work because of his vile views and friends. In fact, he claims his life is in danger because of the fact he hangs around with people that would normally much prefer to punch his head in. So important has Abdul become to the EDL, that their new leader Tim Ablitt, recently gave an interview saying that under his leadership, he would like the EDL to recruit more Muslims. One presumes they would also have to be self-hating collaborator’s life Abdul, and also be prepared to submit to abuse and ridicule like Abdul willingly does. While Stephen Lennon was EDL leader, Abdul lived a charmed life. By all accounts Abdul would threaten people who questioned either his sincerity or his sanity, with a beating from the boss himself, Stephen Lennon. Abdul’s been back in the papers this week after being arrested at the EDL’s first post-Lennon fiasco in Bradford last month.

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