Sunderland #drug #dealer threatens Muslim #EDL member

One of the strangest specimen’s on the far-right in Britain is Abdul Rafiq, a 43 year old Muslim man from Glasgow who not only hangs around with the neo-Nazis of the English Defence League (EDL), but has also been banned from Ibrox (home of Glasgow Rangers FC) for sectarian chanting. Abdul’s never out of the news for his strange far-right views and friends and he even claims he cannot work because of his vile views and friends. In fact, he claims his life is in danger because of the fact he hangs around with people that would normally much prefer to punch his head in. So important has Abdul become to the EDL, that their new leader Tim Ablitt, recently gave an interview saying that under his leadership, he would like the EDL to recruit more Muslims. One presumes they would also have to be self-hating collaborator’s life Abdul, and also be prepared to submit to abuse and ridicule like Abdul willingly does. While Stephen Lennon was EDL leader, Abdul lived a charmed life. By all accounts Abdul would threaten people who questioned either his sincerity or his sanity, with a beating from the boss himself, Stephen Lennon. Abdul’s been back in the papers this week after being arrested at the EDL’s first post-Lennon fiasco in Bradford last month.

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EXPO: Mass murderer from Norway was member of Nazi web forum

Anders Breivik, the man who was arrested after Friday’s massacre in Norway and now has 92 human lives on his conscience, is a member of the Swedish Nazi web forum Nordisk (Nordic). Some members of that forum regularly call for political terrorism and bomb attacks on government buildings. The Swedish EXPO organization, which follows neo-Nazi activities, reported on Breivik’s connections today. According to EXPO, Breivik joined the Nordisk forum – which has more than 22 000 members, most of them from Scandanavia – in 2009 and was very active and radical there. Participants in the forum discuss everything from White Power music to the strategy for getting rid of democracy. Nordisk was founded in 2007 and rapidly became a favorite forum for Swedish neo-Nazis. Highly positioned members of the Swedish Democratic Party, a nationalistic party holding 20 seats in the Swedish Parliament, are registered in the forum, as are members of the neo-Nazi movement (including, apparently, deranged psychopaths). Members of the Nordisk forum are connected by their hatred for immigrants and a multicultural Europe and discuss, for example, the Turner Diaries, which is a “practical terrorist manual”. The American Federal Bureau of Investigation has labeled this book “the terrorist Bible”. It served as a direct inspiration for the terrorist attack in Oklahoma in 1995, when 168 people perished. Some members of the Nordisk forum openly call for violence. In March 2010, for example, according to the EXPO organization, and anonymous user wrote the following on the forum: “Cars parked next to large buildings with fertilizer + diesel give a nice blast.

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siehe auch: Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik had extensive links to English Defence League. Anders Behring Breivik had extensive links to the far-Right English Defence League, senior members of the group have admitted. Breivik was understood to have met leaders of the EDL in March last year when he came to London for the visit of Geert Wilders, the Dutch Right-wing politician; Expo kommenterar terrordåden i Oslo. Terrordåden Oslo väcker avsky och samtidigt många frågor. Under de senaste dagarna har Expos medarbetare försökt hinna med att besvara så många frågor om gärningsmannen och hans ideologi som möjligt. Men den mediala anstormningen saknar motstycke i Expos 15-åriga historia. Därför publicerar vi nu detta pressmeddelanden. Här finns de grundläggande svaren på de frågor som vi i dagsläget kan besvara; In English: Expo comments on norwegian terror attacks. The terrorist attacks in Oslo have been widely condemned. At the same time they raise many questions. During the last few of days Expo’s employees have tried to answer as many questions as possible about the perpetrator and his ideology. The terrorist attacks in Oslo has been widely condemned. At the same time it raises many questions. During the last couple of days Expos employees have tried to answer as many questions as possible about the culprit and his ideology. Still, the pressure from the various media channels is unprecedented in Expos 15 year history. That is why we have chosen to publish this press release with some of the answers to the various questions that have been raised; Mördaren spred terrormanifest. Anders Behring Breivik har skrivit en bok på 1500 sidor där han rättfärdigar sina dåd. Bland annat hävdar han att han ingår i ett hemligt underjordiskt nätverk. I boken finns också flera bombrecept och ingående beskrivningar av hur han planerade fredagens terrorattacker; Norway Terror Suspect Had Link With London. The secret movement which inspired Anders Breivik’s mass murder campaign in Norway, which he claims includes two more cells at large, was born in London. According to his 1,500 page manifesto, 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence, there were only five people in London re-founding the order and tribunal. British police are now reviewing the status of far-right wing violent groups in the light of this revelation. Of particular interest is the English Defence League (EDL), which, although ‘moderate’ by Breivik’s standards, does offer a blueprint for how to propagate an ultra anti-multicultural world view. “An organisation such as the EDL has the moral high ground and can easily justify their political standpoints as they publically oppose racism and authoritarianism,” he writes. But most inspiring the younger Breivik found, was the meeting where he began his journey to becoming Justiciar Knight Commander for Knights Templar, Europe. Brimming with enthusiasm, blushing with excitement, the younger Anders Brievic wrote, and wrote – more than 50 pages of notes during a secret meeting with his heroes in London; Terrorist naar Londen voor pro-Wilders-demonstratie. Anders Behring Breivik, de dader van de aanslagen in Noorwegen, is in maart vorig jaar naar Londen gereisd omdat PVV-leider Geert Wilders de Britse hoofdstad toen bezocht. Breivik is naar Londen gekomen voor een pro-Wilders-demonstratie Breivik is naar Londen gekomen voor een pro-Wilders-demonstratie Dat heeft Daryl Hobson, die demonstraties voor de nationalistische English Defence League (EDL) organiseert, gezegd, meldt de Britse krant The Daily Telegraph. Facebook ‘Ik herinner me dat hij op Facebook zei dat hij vond dat hij wel naar Londen móest komen. Dit was de enige kans die hij misschien zou krijgen voor een grote demonstratie,’ zegt een ander, anoniem lid van de actiegroep; Ein beispiellos dumpfes Weltbild. Krude Theorien und konkrete Handlungsanweisungen für Terroranschläge: Das Pamphlet, das Anders Behring Breivik im Netz veröffentlichte, strotzt vor Hass. Die Hälfte ist selbstgeschrieben, der Rest abgekupfert von Gesinngungsgenossen.