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Unrest in Kiev has entered its sixth day as protesters pelt police cordons with stones and Molotov cocktails, and police retaliate with flash grenades and rubber bullets. Over two hundred protesters and police have been injured in violent clashes. As clashes continue in Kiev, the Jewish community outside the country is deeply concerned about the situation of Jews in Ukraine, since two Jewish men have already been beaten in protests, including an Israeli teacher in a Kiev synagogue, reports Alexey Yaroshevsky from Kiev. “We are worried about Jews in Ukraine at the moment because if there is anti-Semitic violence, there will be no mercy for anyone: neither for women, nor for children,” says David Yarovol from Israeli Immigrant Community. Local Jewish community refused to comment on the latest case [of the beaten teacher] as they feared retribution from extremist groups. The protesters put a huge banner of Stepan Bandera – a controversial leader of the Ukrainian national movement in the 1940s, who was accused of having a cruel attitude towards Jews – in Independence Square. Also Nazi graffiti can be seen in Kiev streets

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siehe auch: Ukraine protests spread beyond Kiev amid crisis talks. Violent protests in Ukraine have spread beyond the capital, Kiev, as President Viktor Yanukovych held crisis talks with three key opposition leaders. Protesters stormed the governor’s offices in Lviv, and there were rallies in at least five more western cities. One opposition leader was upbeat after the crisis talks, saying there was a “high chance” of a solution. Two people died in clashes in Kiev on Wednesday, the first deaths in two months of protests over EU links. The anti-government protests flared in late November over Mr Yanukovych’s decision to pull out of a landmark treaty with the European Union. A fragile truce is currently being observed in Kiev.

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The area around central Kiev descended into a warzone on Wednesday with protesters and police clashing against a backdrop of flames, burning tyres and snow. Heavily armoured officers met protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, and brandishing chains and guns. Three people have already died, according to emergency services, with more fatalities expected. Despite appeals for calm, police in riot gear confronted the anti-government protesters with force after Prime Minister Mykola Azarov continued to take a tough line, branding the protesters “terrorists”. Although President Viktor Yanukovich has held talks with opposition leaders, the violence, sparked when Ukraine ditched a trade deal with the European Union and turn to Russia for financial aid late last year, looks set to continue.

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